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The Most Dangerous Game

Can the hunter be the hunted? The Most Dangerous Game entertained the fact that we all can get cocky and savage for more. General Zaroff is a great hunter in a small island surrounded by rocks that trap boaters down so he can hunt the sailors. Rainsford is one of his victims.
Rainsford has greed of hunting dangerous animals for game. He is out to sea with Whitney talking about Jaguars and how they have feelings. Rainsford thinks they do not and he cannot imagine being hunted. The ship wrecks by the island. Rainsford finds a big house and is answered by Ivan. Ivan does not answer anything Rainsford asks. General Zaroff comes out and greets him. General Zaroff has read all about him and how he killed dangerous animals like himself. He has Rainsford sleep after having a hard wreck. The next day, General Zaroff discuss over the table about how many animals he has killed including a Cape buffalo. He says he is getting bored and says that people who get bored of what they always have done for their whole lives, crash. He says not him and he has created a new animal to hunt. “I wanted the ideal to hunt, “explained the general. So I said, “What are the attributes of an ideal quarry? And the answer was of course, it must have courage, and above all, it must be able to reason.” (229-231) Rainsford is confused saying no animal can reason. General Zaroff says there is one. He is talking about humans and Rainsford realizes that. Rainsford then wants to leave but General Zaroff will not let him. He sends him out in the forest and has three days to not be killed by General Zaroff and if he wins he gets to go home.
General Zaroff is cocky which later gets the better of him. He reads up on all of the books about Rainsford being a hunter and mystery has his ship go by his island to be wrecked. He gets very bored hunting animals so he tries to find the hardest thing a hunter can ever hunt because people can reason. Zaroff is really cocky by giving the people he hunts have a knife and he only hunts them at night which is much harder than day. He was disappointed when one person was pretty easy to kill. “The hunting was not good last night. The fellow lost his head. He made a straight trail that offered no problem at all. That’s the trouble with these sailors; they have dull brains to begin with, and they do not know how to get about in the woods.” (328-331) General Zaroff is really happy to see another hunter because he knows the woods really well and knows how to hunt; He has a better idea how to escape from being hunted.
General Zaroff is creating a better challenge by letting Rainsford have hints like where the swamp is and lets him go when he could have killed him on the first day. The first day Rainsford makes a fox track and climes up a tree. Zaroff sees that and laughs. Rainsford thought that only the devil could figure that out. “Rest brought him new confidence and almost a feeling of security. Even so zealous a hunter as General Zaroff could not track him there, he told himself, only if the devil could follow that complicated trail through the jungle after dark. But perhaps the general was the devil.” (388-391) General Zaroff walked away. The second day, Rainsford saw a limped tree. He made the trap for General Zaroff to have the tree fall on top of him. Zaroff was too smart but did step on the trap but fell back. He injured his shoulder and walked back. The third day Rainsford killed Ivan with the knife and all of the dogs were chasing him through the woods. Rainsford found the ocean shore and swim deep into the ocean. Zaroff lost him and knew he was beating. He went to his house. General Zaroff cockiness and savage took the best of him. Rainsford went to his house and Zaroff congratulated Rainsford. Rainsford looked back at him. “Rainsford did not smile. “I am still a beast at bay, “he said, in a low hoarse voice. “Get ready, General Zaroff. The general made one of his deepest bows. “I see,” he said. Splendid! One of us is to furnish a repast for the hounds. The other will sleep in this excellent bed. On guard, Rainsford.” He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided. (508-512) Rainsford killed him and took his home.
General Zaroff cockiness and savage hurtled him by inviting Rainsford in which he was killed at the end. The hunter can be the hunted. Rainsford killed animals, Zaroff tried to kill him, and Rainsford ends up killing Zaroff.


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